• "I met Marti, my trainer and I could not have achieved what I did if it was not for my trainer. Marti actually took me a lot further than my original goal of losing 25 pounds!"
    - Tammy
  • "I had obstacles like anyone else. My family was very unsupportive. The people who supported me best were my children, my trainer Marti. It was what I needed. My doctor had put me on anti-depressants and now I don't need them. I lost 45 pounds and 28 inches. My clothing size went from a size 14 to a 2. WOW! I had to replace my entire closet. That part was fun!"
    - Jane
  • "Finally, I was fed up of being tired all the time and always wondering if I could still fit into my clothes. I was either going to shape up or put up! So, I made the right decision to kick it into HIGH gear by working with Marti. She was superb at every point of time. You are the best Marti!"
    - Dave Louis
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